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Who are we?

The Alliance is a group of American-Inspirit tumblers who will be working together to make Infinite’s America leg of their world tour amazing; memorable for Infinite themselves, as well as engaging for the fans. We are teaming up to give Infinite a nice ending to their American concerts. We feel that Infinite has done so much for us and it’s only generous to show how much we can do for them. Along with your help, we believe we can make their stay in America one that they can’t forget!

Tell us your ideas!

Do you have any suggestions for projects and/or ways to promote donations? If so please tell us!!! We are always open to new ideas and your input. Just drop an ask/message or even go to our submission and submit your idea that way. Also if you have any questions or concerns also feel free to let us know.


Donations are such an important part of this program. To do virtually anything we will need your help. And sadly that means getting the money to put these projects into effect. So please, please, please, donate! We know everyone is saving up to buy tickets/concert merch, but the more donations we receive the bigger and better we can do for Infinite. And this concert might be a one-time thing so let’s make it worth it!
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This blog name comes from the original “Hoya Union” that was made back in March for Hoya’s birthday, (a group of fan-sites that came together to give gifts for Hoya). Running with that same idea of fan-sites working together to achieve the same goal, the Inspirit Alliance was born! Although this time, Tumblr-based and in preparation of the One Great Step concerts in America! To think that this idea came from a normal(?) 5AM chat on Facebook between two members, first as a wacky idea,…but then a reality.

31 Dec 13

Reason for further delay.

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Hey everyone! I was going to get everything settled and shipped out yesterday but unfortunately I ended up getting myself sent to ER. So once again I apologize for the delay on perks. I’ll understand if your are a bit frustrated from waiting. But my health has not been so kind to me lately. > < I’m only in high school remember and this is a lot of work! I’ll let you know when I finish everything. So sorry!

- Admin Olivia (sungjonginwonderland)

21 Nov 13


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Our team will continue being an Infinite fansite/tumblr! 

We have a new project coming up! It’s going to be really special so make sure to look out for the news!!!!


18 Nov 13
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Are all of you guys ok? I hope none of you got hurt in NYC. I watched so many people get carried over the barricade. Thanks so much for everything you did at the show!jungtwerkwoon

Yeah, our IA staff got seperated but there were about 6 of us near the left side near the barricades and we all got dizzy and got our butts out of there and headed to the back. We all got better though! And no problemo~

18 Nov 13
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Thanks for the banners. At least some of your work was noted.I hear you about the pit. I warned a security guy near me and he was like water is in the back... I helped a few people move toward the back to get air and calmed a girl down having a panic attack. After it was over I picked a few things up and made sure people could get em or find em. Not all of us were bad all.animefreaka

No problem ~ 

Yeah, there were lots of good people mized in! (It’s thanks to them that some of us got out to the back without dying)

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